Live In Two Worlds

We all came from somewhere else, from the world of Spirit. Inside our bodies we still live in the spirit world. We are all spiritual beings living in a physcial world.  Part of our lessons is learning to live in balance. We have all the help that we need to acheive our goals.  Each of us come to Planet Earth with a team of helpers. Most people have never met this team, although they have lived on the planet many years.

Your helpers have always been with you. Some people will call your helpers Angels or Spirit Guides, Archtypes, etc.  We are all talking about the same spiritual resourse. Our helpers are always with us.  Ever had a hunch about something, or found a set of lost car keys because an internal message told you where they were? Could be that was one of your helpers giving you a little tap on the shoulder. When we feel “chills” or an arm jumps, that is a signal that are Angels are close.  They are energy, just like we are energy, and when they come close, we feel the boost of energy.

Angels help us with all things great and small – as great as what city to move to and as small as what toy to buy a child, or even when to file your nails! Or in my case, what step to take to be a better parent to my children.

All you have to do is learn how to listen to the messages your angels send, and Kathleen Ellis, spiritual educator working with the non-profit program, Inner Peace Movement International has  scheduled meetings to help you get started. She can give you the tools you need to get acquainted with your helpers and learn how to communicate with them one on one.

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